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Being ready to get divorced means to have very strong arguments that do not appear from the air. Divorce makes it possible to “let go, forgive and forget.” People who get divorced in a fit of anger continue to be angry with their former partner and after the divorce not a day or six months but longer, says legal separation attorney in Virginia. This means that they still have mutual feelings, flavored with perversity of negativity.


The thesis “I submit for divorce!” often sounds like an aperitif before the main dinner – to resolve the conflict. That’s just such a “dish” can have bad consequences for two. The main causes of threats are:

  • to gain power and control the life of a partner
  • pay attention to the fact that the family has a problem

If a woman is often used this threat as an argument before her husband, then she will simply cease to be perceived, says a well-versed legal separation attorney in Virginia. In the end, this will lead to the fact that any words from your mouth will cease to be valid for a man.


If there is something else besides your own divorce, it means that you are not ready. For example, it may be the hope that the husband will change for the better, he will not know how to survive the parting and will try to return when he realizes what treasure he has lost.

This is mistake. Divorce is not a tool of manipulation. It must be a formal thing, which is necessary so that two people who do not have a place next to each other do not suffer.


Everyone who goes through a divorce has a certain internal conflict in his subconscious, says a reliable legal separation attorney in Virginia.

You can feel guilty, deceived, and insulted and divorce seems like a magic wand that will get rid of this and give freedom. But the conflict will not go anywhere. With him you need to figure out at the stage “Before”, not “After”. With him, not everyone can cope on their own, because you can even seek advice and help from a psychologist.

4. And how to cope with the consequences?

Divorce can lead to frustration in yourself and in life: the loss of dreams of a “happy family”, loneliness, in the end. Are you ready for this? Are you sure you can survive this without losing yourself in an ocean of emotions and sorrow? Do you know how to survive a divorce from your husband? Do you have a “call a friend” – support of friends or relatives who will understand and help you by your intonation?

According to an experienced legal separation attorney in Virginia, you are not ready for divorce, if:

  • Do not want to change your life and have problems with money
  • Not ready to answer children’s questions “Mom, and when will Dad come?”
  • You are afraid of not being able to survive the separation
  • You cannot let go of your spouse

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