How to Lower your Child Support

Experiencing the divorce saga or breaking up and wrapping everything related to married life or the past, the only thing you can’t get away from is your child. For that, they have to go for child support. After getting the divorce or breaking up, they look for child support immediately, as it is a major concern as well. After getting child support done and taking orders from the court, few parents look for a change in it. What kind of change? Different types come to life once this case gets activated, but, the most common issue is in reducing the child support. Parents look out for decreasing the amount set in child support in the moment of heat, maybe because of the divorce saga they have faced. They deliberately intend to reveal their income quite less, as much as they can. Why? Because they have to pay a specific amount to child support, based on their income and portraying they’re earning less than what they earn; they will give less amount than the actual justified and ordered one.

Three is the most important situations in which you can lower the child support;

Medical Emergencies
Father’s or mother’s financial situation improves
General Assembly modifies Virginia child support guidelines

But, before parents lead towards any conclusion or outcome, they have to consult the attorney first for the better results and especially guidance. Consulting with your attorneys will help you realize the problem more easily, or you can give better evidence if it comes to the litigating case. Furthermore, these three reasons are the most common yet effective for lowering the child support.

Medical Emergencies

A child suffering any injuries or if they get seriously ill or disable, then you can ask for lowering the child support. Why is that? Because, parents paying a specific amount for children monthly, will be affected if they have to pay for medical expenses, too. If parents aren’t able to pay the medical expenses, they will have their child support amount lowered.

Parents’ financial situation improves or reduces

Both father or mother faces a lot of changes in their life once they are separated or divorced. There are new things, new job, new lifestyle and whatnot. It becomes obvious that the change of job will lead towards change in child support. E.g., if the father gets the better job, the mother will have to pay a lesser amount than decided before but only if they file a case through her attorney. Same goes for mother, if she starts earning better than before or if she leaves work and finds herself in the new commitment, then her support amount will be lowered.

Virginia’s General Assembly changes Child Support Guidelines

One of the important reason is this. Government controls all these laws, and the announcement comes from General Assembly. If they decide to lower down or to increase the amount, nobody can change that. General Assembly holds the right to change anyone’s child support orders at any moment, and you can’t go against it.

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