In the event of failure at the accident scene in Virginia, it is a normal charge. Many people are reluctant to claim themselves by staying in the scene, and they can avoid responsibility and duty. In other cases, they do not realize that they have attacked someone and they really keep their day. In any case, the accident scene in Fairfax County is a serious price that has many consequences. However, in many cases, there is a decent defense for this price and hiring a site visitor, professional professionals may be crucial in these cases because we recognize the administrative apparatus of the court.

Damage or damage to property related

The Virginia Code 46.2-894 calls for a person to be ahead of the crash, which may be injured or damaged by a car, while both men and women are injured. A person must drive his name, a deal within the scope of driving license and a vehicle’s registration to a police officer, a kidnapped person or a passenger, if the driving force is capable of understanding or incapacitating perception. If, however, a person who is driven in a car and the driver can not follow these requirements, they should call the police to follow this law.

If a person surely destroys the scene without regard for legal conditions and damages or damages of more than $ 1,000, this is Felony Class 5 (so-called Felony Hit and Run in Virginia). According to Rule 18-2-10 of the Virginia law, the Felony Hit and Run penalty is up to 10 years in prison at $ 2,500.

If it may not be harmed and the damage is $ 1,000 or less, then it’s the fault of class 1. The Criminal Court 1 acquires the ability to imprison for up to twelve months and up to a maximum of $ 2,500 (see paragraph 18-2-11).

In addition, if the civil damage exceeds $ 500, the court may extend the license for another 6 months.

Passenger in the accident

The law also calls for a passenger to worry about a random record, or at least to ensure that it is announced to the police within 24 hours after the accident. The report should include the name of the passenger, the counter to it and other cases that are required under this law. §Forty six.2-894. As a result, even if you are a passenger in an accident, you have to make sure that it is announced.

A punishment for a passenger in an accident is a Class Felony Class 6 (see Section 18-2-10) if an accident results in injury or death. If there is no harm, but assets are damaged, this is one of the class I offenders. Ultimately, if the underlying asset is much less than $ 250, then it’s the fault of the fourth grade. Please note that even in case of a passenger, the court can cancel the driving license for up to six months if there are more than $ 500 in property damage.

Damage to indirect property

When there is no harm. However, simple ownership or damage to a vehicle and vehicle or unprotected property, Virginia Code 46.2-896 is a task to find the owner and give them their name, address, driving license, number and vehicle registration to They offer. If, however, the owner can not be discovered, then the person must leave a note with his contact details and call the police within 24 hours. As above, this task extends to every passenger inside the car that has hit the unique property. This type of hit and run usually involves parked cars where the driver is not present.

Defend to reject and drop

These regulations require legal prosecution to indicate that the stimulus has changed, there is injury or damage to assets that the defendants either knew or should have identified that there was injury or harm and that they were either prevented or in any case Another distinguishes this incident as distinct from the law.

Facts and run cases in Fairfax County are often yours to brilliant defense. Since the character does not happen at the scene of an accident, driver’s identity becomes critical. For example, simply taking into account the fact that a vehicle is registered to a particular person does not mean that they were a driver (someone may be allowed to borrow a car that has a history of it) . In what cases, what kinds of facts have turned into exchanges? Many people stop at the scene of an accident and suggest what they can have. After all, how were they known and brought to court later?

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